The Human Stain

Ugh, I’ve been a bad bad blogger. I know I dislike a book when it jut drags and drags, taking me sometimes weeks in order to finish it. I come up with excuses- oh, I’ve been busy with work, life, etc because I’d like to think that I enjoy every book that I read, some just in different ways. And while I am sure there is some parts of this book I have enjoyed, it has been incredibly painful trying to finish The Human Stain by Phillip Roth.

I really enjoyed American Pastoral . I thought that Roth did an amazing job spinning such an intense tale. For the most part, The Human Stain has seemed nothing short of implausible to me. This isn’t a book I would ever recommend. I don’t even really have any teasers or quotes I have taken away from reading this book.

Not to suggest that the book is all bad. Phillip Roth has an intellectually engaging way of writing that really lifts you up a higher level that is incredibly enjoyable. However, unlike American Pastoral, The Human Stain semmed weighed down at times by the language.

Overall, not feeling it.

I always feel guilty not finishing a book. I can’t think of a time when I’ve done it.Do you feel like you’ve wasted time when you read a book you dislike?

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